EverythingF1 is a media source and community group serving as a chronicle for the twists and turns of formula one.

We offer unbiased content that reflects the range of opinion from the many voices of our fans.

We serve our community through breaking news stories, interviews, Competitions Podcasts/Vodcasts and a boot full of hilarious memes.

We welcome anyone and everyone to take a stand on the podium and celebrate EverythingF1.


We are driven by fans for the fans. We strive to bring together an inclusive community of supporters. We offer news, conversation and commentary on all matters relating to F1. Our mission is clear. In creating a diverse spectrum of fans, which stretches globally and includes all minority groups, we will promote change. Collectively with your support we will become a shared voice serving as a platform to positively challenge officials so that F1 can too become as diverse and accessible as our fanbase.


We cherish F1 as the sport that ignites our passion. We see heading up a fanbase as a social responsibility to promote change and acceptance. All members of our community deserve respect. We value trust, integrity, inclusion as well as accountability.


James Tiller

Lead Editor

A captivating memory for me was Damon Hill’s 1996 triumph, when as a spritely 11 year old boy I shared Murray’s ‘lump in throat’ moment. Ever since then I have been addicted. I set up EverythingF1 to steer the banter off the grid. To create a pitstop for every fan to enjoy, reflect and celebrate EverythingF1.

Andrea Tiller

Editor – Equality and Diversity

I enjoy the thrill of races, the banter of team mates and the cutting edge technologies of F1. My Insight is to expose individuals seeking to diversify motorsport and support journalism that aims to promote diversity.
I am proud to be part of EverythingF1.

Jamie Cooper

Journalist – Online Editor

Over the years my interest has grown from casual fan to fanatic. I was a massive Ayrton Senna fan and at 12 I didn’t quite understand the profound effect he and his death had on the F1 world. Now I’m a fan of McLaren. The upcoming new rules make me excited for the future of F1.
Its my job to write great content to keep you all informed.

James Houghton

Artist – Art of EverythingF1

From a young age my dad and I managed to get backstage at all of the Birmingham Superprix’s.
Many F3000 drivers who competed went on to drive in F1, so it made it the transition to F1 obvious for me.
The late 80s/early 90s remains my “golden era” and is in no small part down to the Birmingham Superprix and my Dad.
I am an artist with a growing portfolio of F1 related work.

Gary Williams

Graphic Designer

The earliest memories of F1 for me are seeing the JPS Lotus of Ayrton Senna dancing the original first corner Monza chicanes either 85 or 86. My dad telling me how much power the Williams FW11B had climbing up to Abbey at Silverstone in qualifying, 1987.
I was hooked from a young age and haven’t missed a GP since.
I create visual content for the page such as the react polls and more.

Danny Graham

Journalist and Memer

I have watched F1 off and on for years, having enjoyed watching Michael Schumacher during school years. However the love of F1 kicked in about 10 years ago.
My main memories of F1 are Schumacher retiring (too early), the Vettel vs Webber battles and Lewis winning his first championship.
I help break the latest breaking news and find or create fun content for EverythingF1.