Alfa Romeo: Will they have more fight?

Alfa Romeo recently launched their new car, the C41 broke cover in a glitzy show in Warsaw, Poland.

The beautiful Alfa Romeo C41

The car was raised up from under the stage complete with the returning line up of Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi and Test/Reserve driver Robert Kubica.

The C41 is still powered by the (hopefully) improved Ferrari power unit. If the Ferrari power unit has been improved then this could help the team gain ground on the mid-pack.

In recent seasons Alfa Romeo have been in competition with HAAS and Williams in the affectionally known Formula C championship. They were victorious once again managing to top the Formula C standings. They were able to claim eight points over the seventeen races in 2020 with HAAS claiming just three and Williams zero.

Alfa Romeo has decided to stick with Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi for 2021, this seem to be a bit underwhelming, Kimi is a good driver and still has the talent, his start at the Portimao GP shows that he can still race, however does he have the same desire as once did.

Alfa Romeo will be hoping that the C41, with updated front end and an improved Ferrari Power Unit can get the team closer to the midfield battle.

Alfa Romeo’s other driver is the Italian Antonio Giovinazzi, he has been in Formula 1 for a number of seasons. Antonio started his Formula 1 racing career as substitute for the injured Pascal Wehrlein at the Australian Grand Prix, he would race at the next round in China, crashing out of the race.

Although, Antonio seems to be the type of driver that could be easily lost in the crowd, he has kept in touch with his more experienced Kimi Raikkonen, even with Kimi coming to the end of career, its still a decent return for the Italian.

Alfa Romeo’s drivers shared the points for the team with four apiece. That gave the team 8 points and eighth in the constructor standings. The would

“We decided to invest our two tokens on a new nose, so the nose box and the crash box obviously is brand new, which was mainly driven by aero reasons

Jan Monchaux, Technical Director Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo are a bit of a strange team to quantify, they are at the back of the grid, not the worst team but no where near the front. The biggest issue for Alfa is that they don’t seem to be doing anything to get closer to the midfield. The 2020 car was not a good car, hampered further by the underpowered Ferrari power unit. They will be hoping that the C41, even with the limited development options will be in a better position to at least get closer to the rear of the midfield.2 permitted tokens on their front of the car.

Due to the decision to limit development for the 2021 season, Alfa Romeo decided to us their tokens on the front of the car, focusing on the nose and nose box. 

With Alpha Tauri finishing 99 points ahead of them in the constructors, they will be hoping that they can gain on them, it will be almost impossible for them to overtake Alpha Tauri (or whoever ends up in seventh), however stranger things have happened in Formula 1.

“Honestly, we want to improve, all the team is motivated by the same target and we have to, step by step, come back to the top of the midfield. We know that it’s a long path but we are working on it and we are improving step by step”

Fred Vasseur, Team Principle Alfa Romeo

With some aero development and a better power unit in the car, Alfa Romeo will hopefully be in the hunt to pick up a few more points and close the gap on the rest of the midfield.