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Formula 1 returns on the 3-5th July in Austria. This is the start of a hectic 2 and a half months, involving 3 different motorsport series.


With the pandemic, racing was never coming back exactly as it was before. None of the listed Series are allowing fans to attend and limiting the amount of personel allowed at the events, 2 of the series have changed the format of the race weekend.

All of Formula E’s races are being held at the Tempelhof Airport, Berlin. They will finish the season off with 6 races in 9 days at the airfield.

Indycar have elected to complete all races in 1 day with qualifying and the race held on the same day.

Formula 1 have stuck with the 3 day format, but with numerous practical changes.

Formula 1 returns on the 3-5th July at the Redbull Ring, Austria.


July 3rd

Formula 1: Austrian GP: FP1 and FP2

July 4th

Indycar: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road course (Race 1).

Formula 1: Austrian GP: FP3 and Qualifying

5th July

Formula 1: Austrian GP (Race 1)

July 10th

Formula 1: Austrian GP (race 2): FP1, FP2

July 11th

Indycar: Road America Grand Prix (Race 1)

Formula 1: Austrian GP (race 2): FP3 and Qualifying

July 12th

Indycar: Road America (Race 2)

Formula 1: Austrian GP (race 2): Race

July 17th

Formula E will Finish the season with 6 races in 9 days at the Berlin-Tempelhof Airfield

Formula 1: FP1 and FP2

Indycar: Iowa Speedway (Race 1)

July 18th

Indycar: Iowa Speedway (Race 2)

Formula 1: Hungarian GP: FP3 and Qualifying

July 19th

Formula 1: Hungarian GP: Race

July 31st

Formula 1: British GP: FP1 and FP2


August 1st

Formula 1: British GP: FP3 and Qualifying

Race 2 at Silverstone is offically called the Emirates Formula 1 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

August 2nd

Formula 1: British GP: Race

August 5th

Formula E: Round 6

August 6th

Formula E: Round 7

August 7th

Formula 1: British GP (race 2): FP1,FP2

August 8th

Formula 1: British GP (race 2): FP3 and Qualifying

Formula E: Round 8

Formula E looks to finish the season with 6 rounds in August all in Berlin, Germany

August 9th

Formula 1: British GP (race 2): Race

Formula E: Round 9

Indycar: Mid Ohio GP

August 12th

Formula E: Round 10

August 13th

Formula E: Round 11

August 14th

Formula 1: Spanish GP, FP1 and FP2

August 15th

Formula 1: Spanish GP: FP3 and Qualifying

August 16th

The Indy 500 returns with a 1 day event on the 23rd August.

Formula 1 : Spanish GP: Race

August 23rd


August 28th

Formula 1: Belgian GP: FP1, FP2

August 29th

Formula 1: Belgian GP: FP3, Qualfying

August 30th

Indycar: Bommarito Automotive Group 500 at Madison, IL

Formula 1: Belgian GP: Race


September 4th

Formula 1: Italian GP: FP1, FP2

Indycar will have 2 at the Road America Circuit on the 11th and 12th July.

September 5th

Formula 1: Italian GP: FP3, Qualifying

September 6th

Formula 1: Italian GP: Race

September 13th

Indycar: Portland GP

With a whopping 23 races (not including Formula 1’s practice and Qualifying sessions) over 72 day, its going to be a motorsport overload.

NASCAR has already started and other series including the British Touring Car Championship due to start in the coming months, its going to be hectic for the remainder of the year.

The question is where will I find the time ….. Send coffee and biscuits …..

i need the coffee strong and the biscuits on a constant supply ….