James “Spunge” Houghton is the resident artist for EverythingF1. James offers his images as prizes in many of our competitions. You can also buy his art via this very website. head over to the merch page, to check them out.

Below is a story from Spunge about how he perfected his artistic ability and who it was that inspired him to do so.

Ayrton Senna has always been a massive inspiration to me. I wanted to share with you the impact he had on me and my art.

The first picture I’ve shared with you all here is a drawing I did in 2014. It was the first time picking up a pencil since before I left school 12 years previously. I hated it! I spent so much time on it but I wasn’t happy. I wanted my drawings to be lifelike, but it wasn’t.

The second photo is my most recent drawing of Ayrton and arguably the best drawing I’ve ever done. This was the first time I sat back from a drawing and thought: I’ve done it. I’ve absolutely nailed that drawing.

Ever since I did that first drawing, I kept the below quote close to my heart.

“I’m very privileged. I’ve always had a very good life. But everything that I’ve gotten out of life was obtained through dedication and a tremendous desire to achieve my goals… a great desire for victory, meaning victory in life, not as a driver. To all of you who have experienced this or are searching now, let me say that whoever you may be in your life, whether you’re at the highest or most modest level, you must show great strength and determination and do everything with love and a deep belief in God. One day, you’ll achieve your aim and you’ll be successful.

Ayrton Senna

I was determined to learn, I did learn and I practised over and over again. When I finished the second of these drawings I remember thinking to myself; You know what, I reckon Ayrton would be proud of that!

To me Ayrton inspired like no other driver did before, or has ever done since. His inspirational quotes are plentiful. You don’t have to look hard at all to find his uplifting words.

All these years after his passing, that inspiration, that shining light has never ever faded. To the man that inspired me to chase my dream, thank you.

Always chase your dreams folks. Stay Safe, Spunge.

Check out some of James “Spunge” Houghton’s great artwork in the gallery below.

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