Vettel V Ferrari

Vettel v Ferrari The 2020 season is almost underway this weekend. The drivers have been doing the press interviews discussing all manner of issues. All eyes and ears turned to one driver and his comments……. When Sebastian Vettel was asked about the decision not to continue after 2020, he replied in a way that was

Are we watching F1 heritage slip away?

This year has been terrible! In fact 2020 will be a year that many would happily try and forget. The covid-19 crisis has effected millions in many different ways. With businesses going bankrupt and thousands losing jobs, what are the effects seen within F1? With the season about to get underway there has been a

Does it matter?

It would have been very difficult not to notice the momentum gained by the Black Lives Matter movement in recent weeks. At the hands of horrific police brutality tragically 46 year old George Floyd from Minneapolis, Minnesota lost his life needlessly. This horrendous crime has prompted an outpouring of solidarity globally and rightly so. Lewis

Are YOU ready to hit Play?

Formula 1 returns on the 3-5th July in Austria. This is the start of a hectic 2 and a half months, involving 3 different motorsport series. CHANGES TO THE FORMAT With the pandemic, racing was never coming back exactly as it was before. None of the listed Series are allowing fans to attend and limiting

A Pain in the HAAS

It started with so much promise, but HAAS’s 2019 campaign was frustrating on and off the track. Background HAAS entered F1 for the 2016 season, becoming the first US based team since 1986. The team is based in Kannapolis NC, with Gene Haas as owner. HAAS have adopted a slightly controversial system to help establish