Restoring the Glory of the Prancing Horse?

The 2020 season was a bad year for the Tifosi and Ferrari. The car had “draggy” aerodynamics and an underpowered power unit.  These factors consigned the SF1000 to the history books as one of the worst cars in the teams long history.

If only the SF1000 was as good as it looked

The season started off strangely when it was announced that Sebastian Vettel was not going to be continuing with them after 2020.

This decision had been made before a wheel had been turned in the 2020 season. Ferrari decided to take Carlos Sainz from McLaren, leading to Daniel Riccardo moving to McLaren after two underwhelming years at Renault.

Speculation was rife about the destination of the four time Drivers Champion. Would it be Red Bull? Would it be Racing Point/Aston Martin?. Could the German head to Mercedes and partner Lewis Hamilton?

Sebastian Vettel heads to the newly branded Aston Martin F1 team.

Well the answer came at the weekend of the Tuscan Grand Prix held at the Ferrari owned Mugello race track, Sebastian Vettel announced that he was heading to Racing Point/Aston Martin to partner Lance Stroll.

The 2020 season for Sebastian Vettel was a disaster for the Ex Redbull driver, he just couldn’t get to grips with the SF1000. The car was a difficult to control, the back-end of the car just did not suit Sebastian’s driving style. Ferrari just didn’t seem to have any faith in him either, it looked from the outside that they had disregarded Vettel from the start of the season.

With the car being so bad, it would have been difficult to see a shining light in the 2020 campaign, however, luckily for Ferrari they had Charles Leclerc. The Monagasque, put the SF1000 in places that it had no right to be in. Charles finished in second at the season opener at the Austrian GP. A position that everyone, even Ferrari had written off.

In a season that was one of the worst for a number of years, Charles managed to cement himself as the future for Scuderia Ferrari.


On 10th March 2021, Ferrari released the pictures of their new car, the SF21, with its striking new  livery complete with bright green sponsor and a gradient paint work turning from traditional Ferrari red to the retro burgundy at the rear.

The Ferrari SF21 with Mattia Binotto (left), Carlos Sainz (centre) and Charles Leclerc (right)

Looking closely at the car it was clear that it had some obvious changes to the aerodynamics, including a different looking front nose. Ferrari have moved to a slightly more narrow front wing, however they decided to focus their efforts (and tokens) on the rear of the car. The SF21 will have a new transmission and suspension.

The SF21 has some marked changes to the overall Aero package, including some interesting fins on the nose and a slightly different design on the barge boards. Another clear difference is the change of the sidepods, Ferrari have altered the shape to a more narrow profile. The narrowing of the sidepods has increased the size of the air intake above the drivers helmet.

“The aerodynamics was revised, and it has a completely new power unit. Its livery has also changed, the posterior is a burgundy colour similar to the very first Ferrari racing car, the 125S”.

Mattia Binotto, Team Principle, Ferrari

Driving the SF21 will be the impressive Charles Leclerc and the dependable Carlos Sainz. In one of the youngest line-ups in the team for a number of years. If the SF21 is better that the SF1000 (and lets be frank it wouldn’t be hard) it wouldn’t be out side the realms of possibility for the Ferrari to be consistently in or around the top 5. Carlos Sainz has shown a dependable and safe pair of hands, performing well in McLaren.

Carlos Sainz comes to Ferrari form McLaren, he is a dependable pair of hands. The Spanish driver will be expecting to be treated equally to Charles Leclerc.

The upcoming season will be an interesting season for Ferrari, they have shown that they can come back from poor seasons in the past, they have seen that the 2020 season was a failure, they will be hoping that this season will be the some kind of redemption. With a new Power Unit, new driver line up and (hopefully) a better aerodynamic package, we may see the Prancing Horse heading closer to the front of the grid.