FIA To Clamp Down On Bendy Rear Wings

Redbull gives you wings right? But how bendy are they? Well that seems to be the question the FIA is going to be asking. F1 teams have never been shy of loopholes and innovation. Thats exactly what keeps it exciting. It was only last year that we saw Mercedes with their DAS design. With a small pull

Mercedes Reign in Spain

Mercedes scores another win in Spain, Lewis scores 100 and Redbull are left wondering what they can to beat the best …. 2020 has already seen its fair share of incidents, the coming together between Bottas and Russell in Imola, track limits at well every track, the fall of Aston Martin and of course the

A Glint at the Sprint

A new era of Formula 1 has been ushered in for 2021, Sprint Qualifying “races” have been approved for three races, meaning that it will be first time in Formula 1 that the Grand Prix is not the only race during a Championship weekend. Why the change? The general idea of the sprint races is

Red Mist and a Red Flag

Formula 1 returns Imola Grand Prix for the Formula 1 Pirelli Gran Premio Del Made in Italy E Dell’emilia Romagna (this is what you get letting Ron Dennis name the Grand Prix). The weekend started in a slightly sombre mood after the announcement of the death of HRH Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, as a

Jim Clark

Today marks the anniversary of Jim Clark’s death during a Formula 2 race hockenheimring in West Germany. The History of Jim Clark. Jim Clark Jr was born on the 4th of March 1936 in Kilmany, Fife, Scotland. He was the youngest of 5 and the only boy. At the age of 6, Jim and the

Coops’ Conclusions

The musings of a Formula 1 Fan The five lights went out signaling the start of the 2021 Formula 1 season. As usual we have 3 practice sessions, qualifying and then the race. For 2021 the free practice session are all 60 minutes long (FP1 and 2 were 90 minutes in 2020) Free Practice sessions

Verstappen takes First Blood.

The first Qualifying session of the 2021 season has been completed with Verstappen taking the honours. It seemed like it was always going to be a Redbull pole, giving the speed and consistency from Max and the team. The Honda Power Unit is fast, the car is stable and Max Verstappen is, well Max Verstappen.


Mercedes enters the 2021 season, deservedly at the top of the tree. However, this could be the year that things might change. 2020…. Perfection? Lewis Hamilton won his seventh World Driver Championships, unfortunately for the watching fans it was clear quickly in the season that (both) Championships were between the Mercedes drivers. Redbull were better

Martin, Aston Martin

Aston Martin is returning to the Formula 1 grid after an absence of over sixty years. Will it be a more successful attempt than the last? History …. It was Short. Aston Martin is a brand that is connected to many things, prestige, Sportscars, James Bond. One thing that it is not connected with is


This will be a difficult season for HAAS on several levels. No development, rookie driver and questions about the future of HAAS. The 2020 season was difficult for HAAS, an inconsistent car and a neutered power unit all contributed to HAAS finishing in ninth with only 3 points on the board. The Ferrari Conundrum HAAS