Coulthard says “Hamilton isn’t ready yet.”

During 2021 testing it was clear to see some serious issues with the Mercedes new W12 challenger. With the claims of sandbagging as rife as ever, it is hard to ignore the actual technical issues which left Mercedes only finishing with just 304 testing laps under their belt.

Yes I know, this is Mercedes we are talking about and no matter what the issue is they will manage to fix it. The question is how quickly they can fix these issues.

Red Bull are seemingly progressing at a great rate and will not let Mercedes run away with a title which technically could be theirs this year (but thats another article in itself). So if RB pull away at the start of the season, we could see a battle this year for the top spot.

But let’s rewind a little and remember that just months ago there wasn’t even a signature on the contract of Lewis Hamilton. But why?

Last year he brought home his 7th Championship title which equalled the legendary Micheal Schumacher’s record. But somehow it seemed there was an issue holding him back from signing up to get the 8th win. But what was it?

We don’t really know. We can all speculate and assume but Mercedes aren’t one to air their dirty laundry and thats definitely frustrating for us fans.

February saw Lewis sign a contract holding him on a 1 year only deal (with the possibility of an additional year). Is this a sign he’s had enough and wanting out after gaining his 8th championship? According to DC it would be pretty obvious.

Talking to The Sun Coulthard said “If he truly believed it was time to quit, he would not have been in Bahrain for pre-season testing,”

“I think he has got inner peace and if he had that feeling, we would have had that announcement he was leaving.”

“But when he does decide that’s it, I don’t believe he will drive one more lap in a racing car. I very much doubt you will see him rocking up at Le Mans or anything like that.”

Remembering his own racing retirement, he said,

“In my case, I got the realisation at the beginning of 2008 pre-season test. I jumped in the car with hopes and desires that we’d made a big step forward and it just didn’t feel like it.

“Having had 14 previous seasons and known how long it takes to develop a car, that was the time I thought it was not going to be a winning year.

“I remember Mark Webber asking me how I knew when it was enough. I knew it was time for him to stop having asked me the question.

“It is like any relationship, you just know in your heart that it is the right time. You just know.”

What do you think? Is this going to be Hamilton’s last year? Or will he want to try a year under the new rules?