We may need to look further in the distance than this year, but ‘eventually’ there will be a different champion in Formula 1. As a British run site, we like to look at what options we will have for replacing Lewis Hamilton at the top.

We are very fortunate that we do have 2 great young talents in George Russell (Williams) and Lando Norris (McLaren)

This article puts forward an argument for each driver from a member of our team.

George Russell the next British Champion

George Russell more British hope for the future!

George Russell is a future champ! As much as I love Lando and I think his future is bright (maybe even brighter than that papaya), I think George will be the next one getting win after win.

Hear me out…
You would struggle to find an F1 fan who doesn’t love the smiling faces of both Lando and George. But while Lando shines in the Mclaren, George is showing promise in the worst car on the grid! He pushes the performance limits to the absolute maximum of a car that shouldn’t be where he puts it.

Then we have the infamous Sakhir GP. You can argue that “its just the car” as much as you want. But the fact is that he was squashed into a car built around someone 4 inches shorter than him (it doesn’t sound like much but try putting shoes on 2 sizes too small and walking around all day in them). Not only did he drive well but he dominated that race until certain events meant the win was taken from him. So much so that it brought even more doubt into whether Bottas deserved his place. (And even whether Lewis was worth the money).

But wait, that’s not it…
He’s also consistently out-qualified his team mate. When was the last time you saw such promise from a driver in the worst performing car?

I think soon enough George’s time will come to dominate F1. Until then, he learns. The mistakes he is currently making are helping get him ready for what the future holds and we can see how much he is learning and growing in confidence.

I think 2021 is a year we will see Williams gain points and even possibly beat HAAS. Watch this space… As for his Championship? 2022 and a Mercedes seat is just 12 months away.

Danny Graham – EF1 Meme King and Number 1 George Russell Fanboy

Lando Norris the Next British World Champ!

Lando Norris – A champ in the making?

Lando Norris will be the next British Champion. I think it will be a closely fought battle between the two, but young Norris has more running in his favour.

He is at a better performing team, a team that seems to be heading in the right direction. Now also sporting the BEST engine on the grid. I’m not saying its going to be this year, as tweaks and lessons for the team will need to be learned. But 2022 is when the rules change and we are all hoping and praying for a more level playing field.

McLaren have all the right people in the right places which will help Lando achieve what I’m sure he joined the sport to do. WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. Lando has been an F3 champion and he came second in F2, he definitely has the racecraft and skill to take on the best on the grid.

As he matures each season, he is performing better and better and with the experience and the machinery he will score more and more podiums.

Now George Russell is exciting to watch there is no doubt about it. However he has only had one opportunity in a race winning team. The longer he is left in the Williams, the more it will affect the drivers confidence.

If he then does get the Merc seat, I have a feeling that he will still be sitting next to the (probably) 8 time World champion of Lewis Hamilton for 2022. I’m sure he would do a great job against Lewis on occasions, but when it comes to consistency, there isn’t a person on the grid who comes anywhere close to him. So the lion share of the Mercedes points will still be with Lewis. It will be up to the other teams and drivers to take points away from the Merc team and this is where McLaren and Lando Norris come in and is why I’m choosing Lando as the next (non Lewis Hamilton) British Champion.

James Tiller – The EF1 Boss and McLaren’s number 1 cheerleader!

There you have it, an argument for each driver. But who do you agree with?

One thing is for certain, we will all enjoy watching them both fight it out in the track!

Friendly Banter!