SCHUMACHER: First reviews

The anticipation for this documentary has been growing throughout the last few weeks. The Internet and the world in general have been longing to hear more about the F1 legend ever since his life changing accident in Meribel France in 2013.

When it was known that the family themselves were involved in the making of this documentary, it gave his fans the hope that they would finally get some insight as to how the great 7 time champion was doing.

We ask 3 of our team to review the film, each with varying levels of knowledge of F1 ranging from a Ferrari and Schumacher mad Fan, someone who started watching F1 when Schumacher started driving in it and also a relative newbie to the sport.

JR Whitton – A Ferrari and Schumacher Fan

“I was emotionally connected the whole time, from the 90s era F1 footage to the interviews to Schumacher and his family going through the decades, covering the Senna tragedy at Imola to Schumis triumph at Suzuka. it was a very well rounded stirring emotional journey into one our beloved sports most iconic superstars. 5/5”

James – Started watching F1 around the time Schumacher started driving in the sport.

“The film is beautifully put together. The shots of the cars flying around those circuits bring some amazing memories flooding back. The film looks in great depth at how Michael came through Karting and into F1 via Jordan, using old interviews and race footage, with voice-overs from friends, journalists, team mates and competitors. We also get a glimpse of the family life, with holidays in ski resorts, sky diving and parties showing the very real and human side of Michael the person. We are reminded of some of his great rivalries in the sport and how he was so affected by the death of Ayrton Senna. And while they don’t shy away from his controversial moments in the sport, they do very much paint his side in a more positive light.

The emotions come from the last 15 minutes of the documentary. Where we hear directly from his wife Corinna and his children Gina and Mick. It’s hard to watch the clear pain that they are feeling at what they have lost throughout the past 7 years. The Schumacher documentary is a must for F1 fans, I just wish we got to see and hear more from the cars on track and not the music the film maker has added for dramatic effect.

It’s fair to say that Michael Schumacher was divisive at times but nobody can deny his talent. This film explores a lot of that and does it well. Would have loved to see some more of his on-track skill 4/5″

Nicola – A relative newbie to the sport adds her perspective

“I had never really heard his back story so was it was good to understand where he came from. He didn’t have family money to buy his way into the sport. I always admire people who have to fight their way into a sport or any other occupation. It shows a determination that is extraordinary. I think that it was this that made him special. He fought to achieve. I can identify with that.

I had heard a lot about his wins during the early 2000s and assumed he’d been blessed with an outstanding car. I never knew that his early career with Ferrari were almost wilderness years. You could imagine many giving up and moving teams. I thought the film did really well in showing that during those years the work Michael put into the team was incredible. He never gave up on the team and perhaps that is why people now don’t give up on him and why he remains a hero to so many. It didn’t go into the detail of his wins at Ferrari but maybe that’s the point, we know that story.
I couldn’t help feeling half way through that the later part was tinged with sadness as you knew what was coming.

The film also shows what an incredible lady his wife is. She has held her course throughout and I can only imagine how difficult the past years have been since the accident skiing. Fate instead can be cruel. 4/5″

We will leave you with the most heart wrenching comment from the whole documentary, said by his son Mick who has followed in his fathers footsteps and drives in Formula 1 for HAAS.

“I think Dad and me, we would understand each other in a different way now. Simply because we speak a similar language, the language of motorsport, and we would have much more to talk about.

“That’s where my head is most of the time. Thinking that would be so cool… I would give up everything just for that.”

Schumacher is available NOW on Netflix